Adventurer, Story Teller
My Dad is a Cycling Hobo

Hi, i'm Andrews mini minion!


Well, his daughter! :) My name is TJ.


I will be running this website on his behalf and keeping track of him, Making sure he's on track, healthy and making sure he knows there's someone at home waiting :)


He asked me to write a blog talking about what his trip is like for me at home watching him, feeling jealous, worried and seeing him change as he goes. Hopefully these blogs will also help those of you at home with friends and family doing similar!


lets band together and cheer them on :)

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21st March 2015

Before the Great Quest

The Andrew I know is a friendly, positive person with a serious case of wanderlust and sense for adventure. He is also the type of person to over eat at a buffet and have to lie down in the car park ^^.


Its going to be really interesting to see how he copes cycling around the world, i'm sure he will lie down but not for the same reasons lol.

Seeing him get all excited planning his trip and looking at kit to take, i honestly feel like i'm the parent. But i think this is how people should be.

All good feels so far!           Now get started dad! XD